Gabriel WAlder


Gabriel's passion for the developing world started with his first trip overseas to Honduras in primary school. That passion led him to pursue an undergraduate degree in Global Studies, Masters in Global Politics and Cultural Studies, and Professional Certification in Non-profit Management. He has gained his most valuable experience as a Research and Development Coordinator at Loving Shepherd Ministries focusing on sustainable business development in Southern Haiti. Gabriel also has experience with and a passion for clean water initiatives in West Africa. Gabriel serves as the international projects coordinator for TheyINHERIT.


Brad Ptasienski

vice president

Brad is the current COO of TheyINHERIT.  Global turmoil and terrorism is exposing the most vulnerable people on the planet, and there are not always obvious ways to make a positive impact.  As Gabriel's brother-in-law, Brad learned about Africa and other developing countries from him.  A passion grew when he realized that he could apply many of his skills with a desire to help others. 

Brad will be responsible for the internal operations of TheyINHERIT, including technology, partnerships, and programs.


Aaron Gress

Chief financial officer

Aaron is the lead engineer of TheyINHERIT, a foundation formed to deliver community infrastructure projects to developing countries around the world through innovative and sustainable technology. Mr. Gress is extremely passionate about community development in emerging markets and has dedicated his career to serving underprivileged communities. As a civil engineer, Aaron has a variety of experience on various civil infrastructure projects relating to water and wastewater treatment. 

In this role, Mr. Gress oversees the strategic direction of the foundation and aims to deliver quality services in project delivery and technical excellence. He ensures that TheyINHERIT is advancing access to clean drinking water through sustainable development and holistic integration of advanced technology.


Joshua Sauder

vice president

Joshua graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Technical Systems Management. He has worked in different sectors of the agriculture industry with positions at Cargill Inc., CNH, and currently works as a farmer in central Illinois. In his time at CNH, Joshua interacted with people around the world in his role as global lead for support and training of precision farming products. This allowed him the opportunity to travel and experience different aspects of agriculture in the US and abroad. Joshua is excited about finding new ways to use his expertise and help TheyINHERIT serve people in different areas around the world.